Malik Bilal

Malik Bilal – Realtor – DHA Lahore Phase 7 Expert

Sales Executive at MAAN ESTATE

  • Service Areas: DHA Phase 7 Lahore
  • Specialties: Plots

Property Types

  • 100% Plots

Property Status

  • 100% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 100% Lahore

About Malik Bilal – Realtor – DHA Lahore Phase 7 Expert

Malik Bilal have with 7+ years of experience helping clients find their perfect property by carefully researching market trends, property values and neighborhoods.

Malik Bilal – Realtor – DHA Lahore Phase 7 Expert

As the Sales Executive of a MAAN ESTATE, you value trusted confidantes who will listen and help you vet strategies and ideas. MAAN ESTATE has provided outstanding service for our multiple locations. Besides, they have given us great advice and introduced us to great resources to help us grow our business and build value. They are always generous with their time, experience, and resources.

What Does a Real Estate Sales Executive Do?

Real estate sales executives generally oversee various activities that lead up to the purchase and sales of properties.

Usually, they work for real estate agencies where their job description entails brokering property deals between sellers and buyers.

In performing their duties, real estate sales executives oversee the promotion of property sales on advertisement media and listing services.

They meet with clients and prospects interested in properties to offer them real estate deals.

As part of their duties, they communicate with clients to identify their requirements and choice of property.

Real estate sales executives oversee the preparation and approval of documents such as purchase agreements and lease contracts.

Their role also includes coordinating the closing of property deals to ensure vital documents are signed and payment received.

Usually, they facilitate arrangements to give buyers the view of a property before concluding a sales deal.

They are also in charge of the inspection of a property to ensure the terms and conditions of sales are met before closing sales.

Real estate sales executives act as intermediaries liaising between property sellers and prospective buyers to broker property deals.

They provide periodic reports to company management on sales operations and generated returns using CRM systems.

Their work description also involves conducting surveys to identify price of competing properties on the housing market.

As part of their duties, real estate sales executives proffer recommendations to buyers and usually refer them to property consultants who provide legal or mortgage services.

They maintain contact with clients in order to discuss future business opportunities. They also ensure compliance with housing laws and policies when conducting property deals.

In fulfilling their role, real estate sales executives develop and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets.

They monitor the property market to identify clients looking to purchase or sell a property and convince them to secure a brokering deal.

They also participate in seminars, conferences, and events to improve on existing job knowledge and expand personal network.

Individuals interested in the real estate sales executive job need to complete a Bachelor’s degree program in business management, marketing, economics, or other related field.

To succeed on this job requires qualities such as negotiation, communication, and organizational skills.

Malik Bilal
Malik Bilal


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